Barbatellando The Party 2022

La Barbatella celebrated its 40th birthday on a special evening, a light breeze refreshed us and the music cheered us up. The participation and enthusiasm of all of you filled us with joy and amazement.
Thanks to those who fed us with their delights: Macelleria Ponzo, Pappa, Pasticceria Renzo, Mimmo’s, i 13 della Friciula, Borgo Affinatori, Sabrina and Raffaella Viotti. Thanks to Daniele Ghignone who directed a fantastic Erba volant Cocktail bar and to Doctor Comics. Thanks to those who made the evening memorable: The Turras and Riccardo Toso. Thanks to Claudio Dacasto, Domenico Pera, Riccardo Calonghi, Emanuele Prego, Giacomo Perego, Giacomo Podini, Andrea and Simone Grava who, in addition to whipping everything possible, filled your glasses! Thanks to Valentina and Irene who with their smiles made you forget the queue at the cash desks! Thanks to the many friends who have helped us. Thanks to the proloco of Incisa Scarpaccino who lent us tables and chairs, to Paolo Poncino and Sara Sacco Botto who lent us the material for the corner rugs and to Roberto Calosso for his precious refrigerators. Thanks to all of you who spent your evening with us! A virtual toast to everyone!

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